Product campaigns for the launch of new models/engines and promotional campaigns

Skills Print
Industries Automotive
Project description

Who are you calling small? Piaggio Veicoli Commerciali extends and boosts its range of solutions to the demand for professional mobility around town, launching a number of new products, new engines and commercial offers. The first subject of the print campaign is dedicated to the launch of the new Piaggio Porter Maxxi which shares the strengths of all the models in the Porter range (compact size, agile to drive, easy to handle, with a wide range of special outfits), and features a number of extremely competitive, distinctive characteristics.

This product positioning generates a campaign with a decisive tone, which sums up all the vehicle’s benefits and novelties, displaying the character of the target and the headline “Who are you calling small?”, with an ironical and rather irreverent tone.The style and treatment used in the advertising are also used for the second ad in the campaign, which promotes the engines with a low environmental impact, depicting a super hero of our times. The last ad in the series is decidedly commercial and adopts a different format, but it maintains the brief, immediate tone of the previous ads, concentrating attention on the product and the force of the promotional offer.


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