Advertising for the launch of the new Pomì L+ product and positioning of the Pomì brand in the “green” area

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Project description

Cultivating well-being.
A well-established brand like Pomì aimed to sum up the company’s values of quality, its Italian roots and its commitment to guaranteeing a certified product and production chain. The result was “Cultivating well-being”, a seal of quality that accompanies the brand’s coordinated image, giving added value to all communications. Pomì L+ is the fruit of this commitment, a ‘passata’ of tomato that is very innovative because it is made with 100% non-GM Italian tomatoes, which naturally contain 50% more lycopene making them richer in natural anti-oxidants.

An all-embracing communications strategy which began by studying the name (L+), the payoff (“+ di così, solo Pomì”, more than this, only Pomì), which reflected the historical claim of the brand and its packaging. This brand identity was designed to convey simplicity, effectiveness and respect of the family feeling. For its trade and consumer advertising campaign, in the press, TV and radio, a concept was elaborated that highlighted the absolute freshness and wholesomeness of Pomì L+, which is good and natural, and focused on the need to look after ourselves every day, even at the table. Monica Bianchessi, the young and creative chef of Alice TV, was chosen as the testimonial for the campaign.

Pomì’s commitment to sustainability continues in the “Etichetta per il clima” (a label for the climate), a project sponsored by Legambiente, which translates into a label that is on all the products. The label declares the carbon footprint of each industrial product and therefore its environmental impact. These values are expressed perfectly in the press campaign: a decisive assumption of responsibility by the company. And Pomì’s green credentials are also the central point of the next campaign, which aims to amaze with the contrast between the visual and the copy. Collaboration between the company and the agency also extends to other environments and media such as media relations, exhibitions, POP and event communications and video editing.


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