Launch campaign and positioning of the Zero24 range: “If you have Beretta Zero24 you have everything”

Skills Advertising TV Outdoor Radio
Brands and clients Salumificio Fratelli Beretta
Industries Food
Project description

If you have Beretta Zero24 you have everything.
It was 2009 when Beretta, the well-established company that leads the Italian cured meats market, decided to launch Zero24, a comprehensive range of savoury snacks containing cured meats. The launch was studied from the first strategic steps, to define the positioning not only of the trademark but of an entire new product category, with a complete range of products that are handy to carry and to enjoy at any time of the day.

The concept of the campaign is expressed by the claim “If you have Beretta Zero24 you have everything” which combines all the brand’s values: quality, range, taste and innovative service. An advertising format was developed to express these values, with two testimonials, Omar Fantini and Carolina di Domenico, from the lively world of radio and television, accompanied by a third character: the Beretta Zero24 refrigerator. A fridge full of appetising products which cater for the couple’s desires … even on a desert island. The island, a fantastic, imaginary place, welcomes the characters like a house where daily life continues, thanks to the Zero24 range. A positive atmosphere, an ironic tone of voice and an original, entertaining jingle, all directed by Luca and Marcello Lucini to create a story that can accommodate all subsequent new product launches. The positioning, values and tone of voice which are maintained consistent in the subsequent brand communications, starting with multi-ad product campaigns.


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