Launch campaign for the new “Viva la Mamma Box” product

Skills Advertising TV
Brands and clients Viva la Mamma
Industries Food
Project description

The new way of eating pasta.
Viva La Mamma returns to television with a campaign to launch and present Viva la Mamma Box to consumers, a revolutionary new range of tasty fresh ready meals of pasta.The goal of the campaign is to highlight the product’s characteristic benefits for the general public, to help them to understand in full the importance of the innovation and to step up overall awareness of the brand.

The concept of the campaign develops from the explanation of the simple, immediate way the Box is prepared. Just a few, rapid gestures are sufficient to taste the goodness of the product: open, heat, mix and eat, anywhere you want. The campaign has two subjects, and effectively represents the different consumption contexts: out of the home and homely/informal, and it tells the consumer that this new way of eating pasta is a practical, tasty, nourishing solution for a dynamic lifestyle and consumption “on the go”.


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