Corporate campaign: “Wuber for everyone”

Skills Advertising TV
Brands and clients Wuber
Industries Food
Project description

Wüber for everyone.
A campaign that sets the target of strengthening the position of Wüber, the leading brand of Salumificio Fratelli Beretta, as the “Hot dog specialist”, highlighting the benefits of taste and range, which are suitable for all targets. With a lively, engaging treatment and the claim “Wüber for everyone”, the campaign shows dinner being prepared, filmed in slow motion. A moment of quiet family life which is “shaken” when the mother puts the Wüber hot dogs into the pan. The sizzling of the hotdogs triggers an unexpected and entertaining reaction from the whole family, who all rush chaotically to the table to enjoy the good taste of Wüber together. In order to increase brand awareness, the campaign underlines the unique nature of the range, and the high quality and irresistible taste that make Wüber a range of products that satisfy the various needs and preferences of adults and children. Trade and consumer print campaigns have also been studied and developed for the Wüber trademark and for Tipici Wüber.


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